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We build smart infrastructure to improve people’s quality of life and reduce environmental footprint.

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Integriert. Nachhaltig. Digital. Wir vernetzen Standorte – und Menschen.

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Jedes Teammitglied hat einen direkten Impact auf unsere Weiterentwicklung.

Wir ermöglichen pro myflexbox Standort eine CO₂-Ersparnis von bis zu 75% gegenüber Haustürzustellungen.

Wir gestalten Smart Cities mit und erleichtern damit den Alltag der Menschen.

Smartes Team für smarte Infrastruktur

Wir erreichen gemeinsame Ziele mit Teamspirit

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We fulfill wishes to let you fulfill your visions

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Core Values

Stay true to yourself

Ownership and Accountability

  • Be accountable for your KPIs and your results.
  • Be efficient by making the right decisions and prioritizing your tasks.
  • Performance comes first – everything else follows. We define ourselves over performance.
  • Speak out loud if anything goes in the wrong direction.

Openness and Teamwork

  • We win as a team.
  • Set yourself incredible high goals and embrace new challenges.
  • Everyone can participate within the teams and on our platform.
  • Give and actively ask for open feedback – feedback is breakfast for champions.
  • Be transparent, share necessary information and help others to perform.
  • Be open to new opportunities and flexible to adapt quickly.

Passion and Sustainability

  • We are passionate about our vision. It leads to empowerment, personal growth, and performance.
  • Be responsible for improving yourself and myflexbox each day.
  • Innovate to increase efficiency and productivity. Share your thoughts and ideas to make things better.

Unser Team

Wir gehen die Extra-Letzte-Meile

Lukas Wieser

Co-CEO, Founder

Jonathan Grothaus

Co-CEO, Founder

Peter Klima

CTO, Founder

E-Commerce & Logistics

Florian Hanglberger

Head of E-Commerce & Logistics

Mario Starre

Team Lead Account Management

Partnerships Austria

Fatma Dabbach

Head of Partner Management DACH

Daniel Hoffmann

Head of Partnerships Austria

Agnes Pesendorfer

Partnership Manager Austria

Partnerships Germany

Nils Große

Head of Partnerships North-East Germany

Florian Hensel

Head of Partnerships South Germany

Sven Hoffmann

Partnership Manager Germany

Jan Hippauf

Partnership Manager Germany

Moritz Grobovschek

Partnership Manager Germany

Mareen Schumacher

Partnership Manager Germany

Faiz Gbadamassi

Partnership Manager Südwest

Benjamin Schauff

Partnership Manager Südwest


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